Self Care Is More Important Than You Think

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Self care is so important for our daily growth. So many mums don’t really know how to practice self care or believe it’s just going to the spa once a year. That simply is not enough for us mamas. So what really is self care and how can we practice it?

What is self-care?
Self care simply means the ability to put your emotional, physical and mental health needs above everything. I didn’t believe self care was truly possible when children were added to the mix. I mean how can I practice true self care when my primary goal was to ensure the children were taken care of? It seemed like a bit of an oxymoron.

People view self care differently, but for almost everyone it generally means:
1. putting good things into our bodies, ie eating right
2. keeping your body fit through some form of exercise
3. having rest (or sleeping more)

Furthermore, self care might mean:
1. Visiting your therapist
2. Taking any vitamins or medication
3. It could be a simple 10 minute drive or getting a coffee via drive through while the baby sleeps- just so that you can be you.

I write this sincerely as my idea of self care was practically non-existent. I neglected myself so much that moisturising my face once a month felt like a treat. Sounds ridiculous when I type it but as a mother, we can go down a slippery slope of not deeming ourselves important enough to take the time to do a simple 1 minute act of self care.

It is so important that as an as individual (and particularly for mums) that we practice self care.

The Message We Send To Ourselves
Usually, just like anything: if you pump rubbish in, you will get rubbish out. Us mums can be guilty of this. As mentioned in my post about post natal depression we often lose our identity and confidence in the new mum phase. When we tell yourselves we’re not good enough or you keep telling ourselves we lack the confidence or skills to carry out tasks, then it begins to turn into our reality.

Instead, lets go with a positive attitude, say positive things to ourselves, treat ourselves better, give ourselves treats, and in time we will hopefully become more confident and have a general feel good factor about us. Easier said than done, I know. But lets start the journey to reconnecting with positivity.

The Message We Send To Others
Treat people the way you would want to be treated. Once you start taking care of yourself, people would want to emulate that too, by doing so you will create a form of inspiration to others, most especially kids who usually like to copy what they see. Never feel guilty for putting yourself first and practising self care.

In addition, there are five self care tips that are being mapped out especially for you.

1) Say no to others if that means saying yes to yourself
You really do not need to please everyone. If you know a decision would inconvenience you then learn to say no. By practising this, you will feel more confident and have increased time for yourself

2) Take a self care trip
Little things that you overlook are usually what really matters. Travelling is a form of knowledge growth. Even if you’re not feeling stressed, having a change of environment once in a while is also practising self care.

3) Get organised
Being organised can be a form of self care as it can help with becoming more healthy. Having some tools to assist you isn’t bad at achieving that. Consider learning to be more organised either at work, school or at home.

4) Read a book on self care for self care
That’s a bit of a mouthful isn’t it?
The world has becoming digitised, so you can read books through your smartphone, listen to news, pretty much anything can be accessed on our handsets. You can decide to read books at your own leisure. I prefer audio books myself as I can rest my eyes and just listen to the words.

5) Create and follow your scheduled self care time
It is difficult to have an extra time for self care, but it is highly important to create that time and stick to it. Take a time out to ponder some ways to move forward and keep you at speed.

Little drops of water make an ocean, by practising this little self care tips, you are on your way to a better lifestyle and a healthier mind.

Us mamas really need the time to fill our own cups, for we are important. I am trying to practice this too.
Good luck all!


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  1. It’s very important, but I must admit, at the age of 41, I’m only starting to self care about me, having put my husband and daughters first all the time, I never found time for me.

  2. It took me a long while to realise just how important self care is, especially for mothers. Making sure you’ve made time for your self and being less stressed makes you a better and more patient mother.

  3. Lovely post, and I think this year has really taught me how important self-care is. Certainly making it more of a priority now.

  4. Sometimes it’s difficult to remember to look after ourselves when busy looking after our family. Just stop and breathe and remember your own health is just as important.

  5. I didn’t use to think about self care at all but this last year has really made me slow down and think about myself more!

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