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The aura and energy of the home can affect everything within it.

I must admit, when I was young, I didn’t really believe in feng shui. I couldn’t appreciate something so intangible and something that took (apparently) more than a few words to explain. I was young and a little limiting in my beliefs back then!

Anyway- I digress!

What Is Feng Shui?
Feng Shui originates from ancient China and literally translates into the Wind (Feng) and Water (Shui). These elements are connected to the different currents of energy. Primarily, feng shui brings harmony to a specific environment by working with the energies within that space. Everything in the world has a specific energy, feng shui works with the organic flow of the universal chi to convert any energy into harmony.

This tradition has been practiced for over 6,000 years, and can be traced back to Daoist principles. Some of the benefits you stand to gain from practicing Feng Shui in your home are;

Removing Bad Energy
Feng Shui works by transforming the energy in a specific place. Its main benefit is removing bad energy from the home. Negative energies caused by a breakup, a fight, or spirits, can block the effects of good energy. With Feng Shui, you can rid your home of bad energy easily.

Improved Health
If you suffer from sleep deprivation, then you could try and feng shui your home. By ridding your bedroom of bad energy, you will hopefully feel calm and rest better. With adequate sleep, your overall health will much better.

Feng Shui doesn’t just rid a space of negative energy, it also wards it off. So, you can worry less about bad luck, illnesses, etc.

What Are The Basic Feng Shui Principles?
The good news is one doesn’t have to be am expert- phew! The basic principle is to imagine the positive energy entering your home and rearranging it to suit it.

Some examples are;

Keep Your Front Door Clean & Clutter Free
Try closing your eyes and imagine water flowing through your front door. Take note of the areas that might obstruct the water from reaching other parts of the home. You can redecorate to fix that. Plus, keep it clean always, as it is the first point of entry.

Close Your Bathroom
A quick and easy feng shui tip is to keep the bathroom door and toilet lid always closed. According to the principle, water (wealth) leaves your home through the drainage system. To prevent that, you need to keep it closed.

Clean Your Windows
Windows represents the eyes of parents/adults and voice of kids. Always keep your windows clean to let in sunlight, which is a natural positive energy.

Keep Your Home Spacious
Feng Shui is all about de-cluttering and rearranging. To properly practice it, your home needs to be spacious for positive vibes to come through.

With so many benefits, incorporating feng shui practices in your home should be a no brainer. Be sure to check out feng shui experts like Laura Benko for more tips on how to incorporate Feng Shui into your home.

To me, it seems that there is nothing to lose but everything to gain with this practice. Good luck!


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