Breastfeeding- Yay or Nay?

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It’s pretty amazing

Being a mum and breastfeeding is an amazing feeling. It’s a feeling that quite unique and difficult to put into words. There is simply nothing else quite like it. Having your newborn baby depend on you for sustenance is both so fulfilling and daunting at the same time.

It should go without saying that if a baby is bottle or tube fed- then that’s great too. What works best for the parent(s) usually works best for the baby.

Get key breastfeeding support early on

For new mums who have never breasted before, there might be some questions and general uncertainties. Uncertainties perhaps related to health challenges, confidence, latch, milk supply, positioning etc. How workplaces and the general public respond to a mother’s right to breastfeed may also bring about some challenges or anxiety too.

There are ways you can go about it and give your child the basic necessity and also magical properties of breast milk.

Breastfeeding (for me) was the preferred option (for the baby) by far. It wasn’t necessarily the best option for me. I have health issues and bottle feeding may have been better for me. However, I chose to give breastfeeding a really good go. I’m not saying this in a martyr sort of way. I’m saying that we all have different thought processes and sometimes mums may choose something that is best for the child but not necessarily best for the mum. Whatever the reasoning, that’s the mum’s decision and she should not be made to feel guilty about it. 

The benefits

Breastfeeding creates an amazing mother and baby bond like no other. The skin to skin connection increases the oxytocin levels that later creates a positive hormonal interaction between the mother and child.

Some top level advantages of breastfeeding for babies:

  • It provides ideal nutrition for babies
  • It contains some important antibodies
  • It may reduce disease risk
  • Breastfeeding also promotes a healthy weight
  • Breastfeeding may make children become smarter 

NCT have a wealth of information on breastfeeding.  

Asking for advice from where you delivered your baby is really important to start the breastfeeding journey off well, as there are nurses who are well trained to teach you the fundamentals.

My experience

I have 2 children and both times my midwives were absolutely amazing. They checked on me breastfeeding every few hours and really helped me find my feet with it. Sometimes the NHS is such an amazing establishment that I am bursting with pride for everybody who works within the NHS.

It is so important you seek help from suitably qualified specialists rather than just automatically switching to formula. If a mother decides to switch to formula, that is clearly her perogative, but I hope that it’s because it’s what she wants and not because she didn’t get the right support to breastfeed.


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