About 360 Mum

Welcome! Thanks for stopping by.

I’ve set up 360 Mum as a place to publish mum related blogs (or ramblings), and as a reference point (anecdotal but also researched) for other mums (or dads) who are trying to DO IT ALL.

360 Mum isn’t about being the perfect mum- I don’t think that actually exists.

This site is more about trying to wear all the hats motherhood demands of us: the care-giver, the chef, the cleaner, the teacher, the business woman, the food-shopper, the volunteer, the wife, the sister, the daughter, the encyclopaedia, the crafting expert, the disciplinarian etc- and doing all these roles whilst trying to keep our own sanity!

The spirit of this site is about lending a helping hand, sharing information in a helpful, kind and amusing way.

After all, this crazy journey that is motherhood is a fun time (allegedly) in our lives, so let’s try and enjoy the ride!

HC x